Mitchell, T(homas) W(alker) (1869–1944)
British physician, psychologist, and psychic researcher. He
was born January 18, 1869, in Avock, Ross-shire, Scotland, and
attended the University of Edinburgh (M.B., C.M., 1890; M.D.,
1906). He wrote several books and was the editor of the British
Journal of Medical Psychology (1920–35).
His favorite topics in psychic research related to hypnosis
and multiple personality. He played a prominent part in the
Society for Psychical Research (SPR), London, and was its
president in 1921, the first physician so selected. He was a longterm
member of its council (1909–44) and was secretary of the
medical section (1911–18). His paper ‘‘Phenomena of Mediumistic
Trance’’ was read to the British Association for the Advancement
of Science, 1927.
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