Moore, Marcia (1928–1979)
Marcia Moore, an astrologer and metaphysical teacher, was
born on May 22, 1928, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the
daughter of Robert L. Moore, the founder of the chain of Sheraton
Hotels. She attended Radcliffe, where she chose astrology
as the subject of her senior thesis. The heart of the work reported
on the results of a questionnaire she had sent to the subscribers
of a popular astrological periodical. The finished work
would later be published under the title Astrology Today—A
Socio-Psychological Survey (1960).
Following graduation in 1960, Moore settled into a career
as a teacher and writer. After a brief first marriage, in 1966 she
married writer Mark Douglas. That same year, they coauthored
the first of several books, Diet, Sex, and Yoga. It was followed by
additional titles on yoga, reincarnation, and astrology. Increasingly,
through the 1970s, Moore became a well-known
leader in the astrological world and she was a leading force in
integrating it with a reincarnation perspective. Reincarnation
was the subject of her work on the faculty for the 1974 convention
of the American Federation of Astrologers. She developed
a technique called hypersentience that enabled people to recall
their previous incarnations, and through the 1970s edited the
Hypersentience Bulletin.
Moore and Douglas separated in 1972, and she later married
Howard Alltourian, Jr. She was at the height of her career
in 1979 when she disappeared. On January 15, Alltourian returned
home to find his wife missing. Nothing was heard from
her. Two years later a portion of a skull was found that was
eventually identified as Moore’s, though the exact circumstances
of her death are unknown. It was known that during her
final years she had been experimenting with a mind-altering
drug to expand her consciousness (the subject of her last book)
and had also become involved with an obscure occult group,
but the role of either in her death is unknown.
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