Morya, Master
One of the masters originally contacted by Helena Petrovna
Blavatsky, cofounder of the Theosophical Society. According
to theosophical teachings there exists a spiritual hierarchy
composed of individuals who have finished their round of
earthly reincarnations and have evolved to the spiritual planes,
from which they guide the affairs of humanity. Those members
of the hierarchy closest to humanity are the ‘‘lords of the seven
rays’’ (of the light spectrum). Each ray represents a particular
virtue, which the lord of that ray exemplifies.
Master Morya, frequently referred to as simply Master M.,
is the lord of the first ray and exemplifies will or power. He is
one of the two hierarchical founders of the Theosophical Society.
Blavatsky claimed a majority of her communications with
the masters came from him. He takes as students some members
who have been prepared by their past lives and also becomes
their guide. He is said to have been a royal personage
and appears in the body of an Asian Indian. He reportedly
lived in Tibet but was known to travel widely, and many members
of the society reported seeing him. Master M. was one of
the three main communicators (the others being Djual Khul
and Koot Hoomi) of what were compiled as The Mahatma Letters,
the ultimate source for many theosophical ideas.
As the Theosophical Society fragmented, leaders of many
groups whose organization and beliefs derive in large part
from Theosophy have claimed contact with him, including Helena
Roerich of the Agni Yoga Society, Mark Prophet and
Elizabeth Clare Prophet, and Geraldine Innocente (pen name
Thomas Printz) of the Bridge to Spiritual Freedom.
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