Mundle, Clement Williams Kennedy
Professor of philosophy who was actively involved in the
study of parapsychology. He was born on August 10, 1916, in
Fife, Scotland, and studied at the University of St. Andrews.
After time out to serve in the Royal Air Force, Technical Branch
(1940–45), Mundle attended Oxford University.
He became head of the Philosophy Department, University
College of St. Andrews, Dundee, Scotland (1947–55), during
which time he was a holder of a Shaw Philosophical fellowship
at Edinburgh University (1948–50). In 1955 he began his long
tenure as head of the Philosophy Department at the University
College of North Wales, Bangor.
Mundle attended the International Conference of Parapsychological
Studies, Utrecht, Netherlands (1953) and the International
Conference on Philosophy and Parapsychology, St.
Paul de Vence, France (1954). He was a charter member of the
Parapsychological Association and was president of the Society
for Psychical Research, London (1971–74). He assisted in
the ESP investigations reported by S. G. Soal and H. T. Bowden
in their book The Mind Readers (1959). Mundle died July
27, 1989.
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