Mutual UFO Network, Inc. (MUFON)
One of the largest and most influential UFO investigation
organizations. MUFON was founded as the Midwest UFO Network
in 1969 at Quincey, Illinois, by Walter H. Andrus, Jr., formerly
a member of the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization.
In 1975 Andrus moved the headquarters to Texas,
where it is currently headquartered.
Conceived as a grassroots organization, MUFON currently
has over one thousand members and investigators spread over
various parts of the world. The organization holds an annual
symposium, the papers of which are published in an annual
MUFON Proceedings, and publishes the MUFON UFO Journal
(formerly Skylook), a monthly publication. Working with Andrus
is a board of directors and a director for investigations.
MUFON may be contacted at 103 Oldtown Rd., Seguin, TX
78155-4099. Website
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March 8, 2000.

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