Nadabrahmananda Saraswati, Swami
(1896– )
A Hindu musician who developed a yoga of music, involving
the arousal of kundalini energy through the psychic power
of sound vibrations. Born May 5, 1896, in Mysore, India, he
studied music under Shri Sadasiva Bua, and Ustad Alladiya
Khan of Dolahpur, eventually becoming a disciple of Tata Bua
of Benares. He spent 15 years in perfecting his skills and was
a devotee of the late Swami Sivananda. Saraswati taught music
to students at the Sivananda Ashram (Divine Life Society), Rishikesh,
Himalayas, North India.
He not only played various instruments like swara mandala
(Indian zither) and tabla (Indian drums), but was also a master
of the intricate graces of Thaan or vocal exercises. During his
vocal performances he directed the sound vibration to various
parts of his body, and sent out vibrations through his ears and
the top of his head when his mouth was covered. In his performances
on the tabla, he suspended respiration for nearly half
an hour in a state of trance, playing the most intricate and complex
rhythms without movement of his eyes or head. He also
used sound vibrations for psychic healing. (See also nada)

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