Nash, Catherine S(tifler) (Mrs. Carroll B.
Nash) (1919– )
Professor emeritus of biology and charter associate of the
Parapsychological Association. She was born on August 31,
1919, in Woodbrook, Maryland. She studied at Goucher College,
Baltimore, Maryland (B.A., 1939) and Ohio State University
(M.S., 1950). In 1941 she married Carroll B. Nash. At the
time she finished her graduate work, she was a lecturer on biology
at Washington College, Chestertown, Maryland, where she
remained until taking a position in 1958 as an assistant professor
of biology at St. Joseph’s College, Philadelphia, where her
husband also taught and had founded a parapsychology laboratory.
She conducted research in parapsychology, including some
joint experiments with her husband. She has taken particular
interest in telepathy and clairvoyance and published a number
of articles in the field.
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