National Federation of Spiritual Healers
British organization founded in 1955 ‘‘to establish a national
body which would coordinate, protect, and advance the work
of spiritual healing.’’ Its fourfold purpose is ‘‘To speak for the
concept of spiritual healing in the councils of this country [Britain]
and internationally; to participate in developments promoted
by the federation or elsewhere related to increasing
knowledge and understanding of the healing gift; to provide
opportunities for its members to develop their full healing potential;
to ensure that the public who seek healing receive a
proper service and correct advice.’’
The federation registers as ‘‘healer members’’ those for
whom authenticated evidence of spiritual healing has been obtained
and accepted by the membership panel of the NFSH.
‘‘Spiritual healing’’ is understood to be the healing of the sick
in body, mind, and spirit by means of the laying-on of hands,
prayer, or meditation, whether or not in the actual presence of
the patient.
It operates a national healer referral service to put members
of the public seeking spiritual healing in touch with approved
‘‘healer members’’ of the federation. Since 1965 (under an
agreement with more than 1,500 National Health Service Hospitals),
NFSH healer members may attend to those hospitalized
patients who request the services of a healer. An important development
took place in 1977, when the General Medical
Council in England agreed to allow doctors to recommend
spiritual healing to their patients.
The federation has approximately 6,500 members and may
be contacted at Old Manor Farm Studio, Church St., Sunburyon-Thames,
Middlesex, TW16 6RG, England. Website http (See also healing by touch)
National Federation of Spiritual Healers. http March 8, 2000.

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