National Laboratory of Psychical Research
Research facility established by psychical researcher Harry
Price in 1925 at 13 Roland Gardens, London, S.W.7, ‘‘to investigate
in a dispassionate manner and by purely scientific means
every phase of psychic or alleged psychic phenomena.’’ The
honorary president was The Lord Sands, K.C., LL.D., and acting
president H. G. Bois. Price served as the laboratory’s honorary
director. The laboratory continued into the 1930s and its
major product was the set of publications it published. It issued
two periodicals the British Journal of Psychical Research (bimonthly,
discontinued in 1929) and the Proceedings of the National
Laboratory of Psychical Research (discontinued in 1929).
The laboratory also issued occasional Bulletins of the National
Laboratory of Psychical Research, which include (I) Regurgitation
and the Duncan Mediumship, by Harry Price (1932); (II) Fraudulent
Mediums, an essay by D. S. Fraser-Harris, formerly published
from Science Progress (January 1932); (III) The Identification
of the ‘‘Walter’’ Prints, by E. E. Dudley (1933); (IV) An Account
of Some Further Experiments with Rudi Schneider, by Harry Price
(1933); and (V) Rudi Schneider The Vienna Experiments of Prof.
Meyer and Przibram (1933).
One of the most valuable issues of the NLPR Proceedings was
vol. 1, pt. 2 (April 1929), comprising the Short-Title Catalogue
of Works on Psychical Research, Spiritualism, Magic, Psychology,
Legerdemain and Other Methods of Deception, Charlatanism, Witchcraft
and Technical Works for the Scientific Investigation of Alleged
Abnormal Phenomena from circa 1450 A.D. to 1929 A.D. compiled
by Harry Price. This catalog (supplemented by Bulletin I,
(1935) listed the splendid collection assembled by Price himself.
Since Price’s death (1948), the collection has existed as the
Harry Price Collection, at the Senate House, University of London.
Tabori, Paul. Harry Price The Biography of a Ghost-Hunter.
London Atheneum Press, 1930.