National Spiritual Science Center
The National Spiritual Science Center was established in
Washington, D.C., by Rev. Alice Welstood Tindell, who had
been trained by Mother Julia O. Forrest, a medium and the
founder of the Spiritual Science Mother Church. For many
years after its opening in 1941, the Washington center was an
integral part of the mother church. In 1969, while attending a
meeting of the Federation of Spiritual Churches and Associations,
Tindell had a disabling accident. This occasioned her retirement
and she turned the center over to two of her students,
Revs. Henry J. Nagorka and Diane S. Nagorka. During the
1970s the Nagorkas reorganized the center independently of
the mother church.
The Nagorkas developed a vigorous program at the church.
They moved into new enlarged facilities and founded ESPress,
Inc., a publishing concern headed by Henry Nagorka. Diane
Nagorka founded a School of Spiritual Science and, with her
assistant Margaret Moum, developed its curriculum. The
school includes classes for training mediums and pastors for
Spiritual Science congregations. Henry Nagorka died in 1986,
and ESPress ceased operation. Diane Nagorka headed the center
and school until her retirement in 1989. She was succeeded
by a board of directors, who presently manage the center and
its associated congregations.
The center’s beliefs were similar to that of the parent body,
though many of the specifically Christian elements have been
deleted. A nine-point statement affirmed these beliefs God as
the universal Creative Energy; the dynamic growing nature of
the universe; the drive of every entity to unite with God; the immortality
of the soul; individual free will; wisdom as the latent
power of God within; the reality of communication with spirit;
soul unfoldment and service as one’s purpose in life; and God
as a just, accepting, and impersonal force, drawing all to perfection.
Last known address 409 Butternut St., Ste. 1, Washington,
DC 20012.
Moum, Margaret R. Guidebook to the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus
the Christ. Washington, DC ESPress, 1974.
Nagorka, Diane S. Spirit as Life Force. Washington, DC ESPress,

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