New Age Church of Truth
The New Age Church of Truth was founded in the mid1960s
by Gilbert N. Holloway (b. 1915), who emerged in the
1930s as a metaphysical teacher. He was widely read in the
available Rosicrucian and theosophical literature and conscious
of his own psychic powers, and by the 1960s he worked as a psychic
with a national following. In 1967 a Pentecostal experience
(which included speaking in tongues) converted him to Christianity,
though Holloway cast his faith in a metaphysical
thought world. He then changed his organization’s name to
New Age Church of Truth, the Christ Light Community. From
the headquarters of his church in Deming, New Mexico, he
traveled widely as a lecturer, healer, and psychic reader into the
1980s. Current address unavailable.
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