New Age Teachings
New Age Teachings, one of the original New Age organizations
in the United States, was founded by New Age channel
Anita Afton (b. 1922). Better known as Illiana, she regularly
channeled messages for more than 25 years. As a young seeker,
Illiana, a Unitarian, became interested in the teachings of
Paramahansa Yogananda. She affiliated with the SelfRealization
Fellowship and began the practice of kriya yoga.
She learned to meditate and became aware of her past lives in
India. In 1965 she received her first channeled messages. Her
early messages came from entities identifying themselves as
residents of the planet Jamel. Within a few years she experienced
what she described as a lifting of her own consciousness
and since then the ‘‘I AM THAT I AM’’ has been the only voice
speaking through her. After she founded New Age Teachings,
she began publishing a regular bulletin containing transcripts
of the messages. Illiana also became part of the original international
network established in the 1960s by the Universal
New Age Teachings emphasized that New Age vibrations
were causing increasing light to come to Earth. The work expanded
in 1976 with the addition of a Spanish edition of the
bulletin, published from Houston, Texas. A music ministry
began in the 1980s. Last known address P.O. Box 346, Brookfield,
MA 01506.

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