New Christian Church of Full Endeavor
During the 1980s, A Course in Miracles emerged as a text
around which thousands of people found guidance for their
spiritual life. While many simply read the text and integrated
it into a previously existing metaphysical worldview already in
large agreement with the teachings, many found in the text a
new profound spiritual direction. Many found their participation
primarily in weekly study groups and noted how helpful
the Course insights were for their life. Others found in the
Course the catalyst to completely reorient their life and perception.
Among the latter are the members of the New Christian
Church of Full Endeavor.
Catalyst for the coming together of the church in the 1980s
is Chuck Anderson, today known as simply Master Teacher. He
and the members found in the Course a restatement of the perennial
philosophy, a mystical visionary worldview that has appeared
in other times and places as, for example, advaita vedanta,
Zen, or Taoism. The perennial philosophy recognizes
a Divine Reality behind the visible world of sense experience
(described by Vedantists as maya or illusion). In discovering
that reality behind the illusion, humans discover their essence
as equal to the Divine Reality and perceive that their highest
purpose is in knowledge of that Ground of Being. They see in
Master Teacher a person who facilitates the enlightenment of
those around him.
The church teaches that A Course in Miracles is a contemporary
restatement by Christ of the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth.
Church members have come into an experience of the Divine
Reality and are attempting to learn always with that reality
and out of that reality. In the real world, fear and evil do not
exist. In that reality love is perfected and joy established. They
also believe that a process of transformation is going on in their
Encyclopedia of Occultism & Parapsychology • 5th Ed. New Christian Church of Full Endeavor
lives and in the world. The keynote of that transformation is
healing and forgiveness. That process will continue through
their full endeavor.
The church is headquartered in Lake Delton, Wisconsin.
Also established there is the Endeavor Academy, the church’s
educational arm, which offers a variety of courses drawing upon
A Course in Miracles and the vast literature representative of the
perennial philosophy. Located in a former resort hotel, it provides
residential space for students who may come to the classes
that are offered on a quarterly basis. The church and academy
may be contacted at P.O. Box 206, Lake Delton, WI 53940. It
has an Internet site at Besides
the center in Wisconsin, there are groups related to the
church across North America and in Europe.
The church emerged in the very diverse environment of the
movement built around A Course in Miracles. That movement
has been seen as somewhat centered in the Foundation for
Inner Peace, a corporation that owned the copyright of the
Course and has been primarily responsible for its printing and
distribution. The New Christian Church of Full Endeavor is
one of several groups that have come into conflict with the
foundation for reprinting sections of the Course as part of their
effort to spread the message. They are currently in litigation
with the foundation over their right to reprint the material.
Part of the case hinges upon the claimed authorship of the
Course, namely Christ, and whether a work by a Divine Being
can be copyrighted under United States law.
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