New Consciousness Sourcebook
Important New Age guide issued by the followers of Yogi
Bhajan (founder of the Sikh Dharmma) in the San Francisco
Bay area. The original edition was issued in 1972 as the Spiritual
Community Guide for North America. New editions were released
periodically through the 1970s. The new name was
adopted for the fifth edition in 1982. The last edition, the sixth,
appeared in 1985.
The directory covered organizations concerned with spiritual
growth as well as such New Age subjects as nutrition, holistic
health, healing, therapies, kundalini, bodywork, lifestyles, and
meditation. It listed New Age bookstores, publications, occult
The New Church Encyclopedia of Occultism & Parapsychology • 5th Ed.
supply houses, records, and tapes. It was published by Spiritual
Community Publications in Berkeley, California. The group
also published A Pilgrim’s Guide to Planet Earth, an international
directory covering the same areas of concern as the Sourcebook.
The New Consciousness Sourcebook, #5. Berkeley, Calif. Spiritual
Community Publications, 1982. Rev. ed. Pomona, Calif.
Arcline, 1985.
A Pilgrim’s Guide to Planet Earth. San Rafael, Calif. Spiritual
Community Publications, 1981.

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