New Perspectives
New Perspectives is one of a host of periodicals established
during the late 1980s as the New Age Movement peaked and
one of the few to survive into the post-New Age era. In its broad
statement of purpose, it focuses attention on the emergence of
a new consciousness and information considered by many to be
esoteric. It is also tracing the movement of the movements of
the last generation, from human potentials to New Thought
metaphysics, into the self-conscious and self-critical mainstream
Each issue of New Perspectives is built around a set of feature
articles, often grouped around a single theme, that highlight
issues within the larger community of people who accept an esoteric
and holistic perspective on the world. Articles treat psychic
reality, various forms of spiritual and alternative healing,
and varieties of esoteric practice. A strong concern for healthy
living is projected with articles that advocate practices (from dietary
changes to spiritual exercises) that promote a healthful
lifestyle in general. Each issue also contains a set of columns
that include book reviews, movie and video reviews, and evaluation
of New Ageholistic health spas, hotels, and retreats. Unlike
most New Age periodicals, formed with an emphasis on
networking between New Age organizations, practitioners, and
devotees, New Perspectives has followed a more traditional magazine
format centered upon providing its readers information
and a perspective on what is seen as a forward-looking emerging
culture. That perspective includes the attempt to highlight
the similarities between people in spite of their apparent differences.
New Perspectives has been published quarterly since its
founding in 1987. Editorpublisher Allan Hartley may be contacted
at P.O. Box 3208, Hemet, CA 92546. In 1999 it added
an Internet presence at http
New Perspectives. Hemet, Calif., n.d.
New Perspectives.
(March 12, 2000).

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