New Realities
New Age magazine issued through the 1980s that presented
a wide range of new age topics. It was initially issued in 1969
under the name Psychic, and quickly gained the respect of the
psychic-oriented community for its coverage of parapsychology
and psychic phenomena and its in-depth interviews with leading
personalities in the field. It had a high standard of popular
presentation without the sensationalism or vulgarity of so many
of the competing periodicals dealing with the occult.
In 1977, after Vol. 7, No. 6, Psychic changed its title to New
Realities, indicating its new direction as an organ serving the
New Age community by its stated desire to focus upon ‘‘developments
in the emergent areas of human possibilities that affect
our everyday lives’’ in addition to psychic phenomena and
new psychic research. This wider view embraces ‘‘holistic
health’’ (total approach to human well-being on all levels), aspects
of consciousness, Eastern and Western mysticism, new
lifestyles and parapsychology.
In 1986 editorpublisher James Bolen transferred control of
New Realities, which had been published in San Francisco, to
Heldref Publications in Washington, D.C. The magazine was
discontinued several years later.

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