Newton, J. R. (1810–1883)
American healing medium. He began his healing career in
1855 and is said to have cured thousands of sufferers from a variety
of ailments. He claimed to be aided by Christ and other
spirits. He usually healed in large halls or other areas with
space to move about in and used to handle patients, often giving
a sufferer a push and telling him he was cured, which he
usually was.
Newton gave most of his healing free. Many of his cures
were reliably recorded both in the United States and in England,
which he visited the first time in 1870. The publication
The Spiritualist (June 15, 1870) listed 105 cases of persons cured
or benefitted by Newton on that visit, while the Spiritual Magazine
(July 1870) cited full particulars of many cures.