Nexus is among the more distinctive newsstand magazines
reporting on paranormal realities. This Australian-based publication
takes a decidedly countercultural and antigovernment
perspective and is especially attuned to what it sees as possible
conspiracies operating against the public’s welfare. It was born
out of the New Age belief in humanity’s current transition in
consciousness, but believes that sinister forces are at work to
block human progress. Thus Nexus has assigned itself the task
of reporting on what it believes to be the news behind the news,
hard-to-gather facts and suppressed information that are needed
by people making the consciousness transformation.
Each issue of Nexus begins with approximately ten feature
stories that cover such topics as natural health cures, UFO abductions,
natural disasters and Earth changes, government
wrong-doing, and possible future scientific catastrophes. Particular
attention has been paid to alternative cancer therapies
and government efforts to suppress their use. This overall perspective
is carried over to the many short news items reprinted
from around the world. Nexus is especially helpful for its extensive
book review column that highlights many books on alternative
science, UFOs, psychic phenomena, ancient mysteries,
and conspiracy theories not generally reviewed in the mainstream
UFO and New Age periodicals.
Nexus sponsors an annual conference (in Australia) that includes
speakers on psychical research, holistic health, ancient
mysteries, UFOs, and related topics.
Nexus was first issued as a quarterly in 1987. The present editors,
Duncan M. Roads and Catherine Simons, purchased it in
1990. They adopted the present bimonthly schedule, removed
articles on subjects like the environment of primary New Age
interest, and gave it its present distinctive editorial perspective.
Through the 1990s it gained an international audience. Nexus
is published in Australia, but has developed an American and
a British edition and a number of foreign-language editions
(Polish, Italian, Swedish, Japanese, French, Korean, and
Greek). Its editorial offices are located at P.O. Box 30, Mapleton,
Queensland 4560, Australia. It has a webpage at http
Nexus. Mapleton, Queensland, Australia. N.p.
Nexus. June 10, 2000.
NFSH See National Federation of Spiritual

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