Nicol, Betty (Elizabeth) Humphrey
Psychologist and parapsychologist. She was born Elizabeth
Humphrey on June 7, 1917, in Indianapolis, Indiana. She studied
at Earlham College, Richmond, Indiana (B.A. philosophy,
1940), and Duke University (Ph.D. psychology, 1946). While at
Earlham she became interested in psychical research and pursued
her doctoral degree at Duke in order to work with J. B.
Rhine. In the early 1950s she collaborated with her future husband
on attempts to discern the personality correlates of psychic
ability. In 1955 she married parapsychologist J. Fraser
Nicol. She undertook a detailed analysis of published precognition
cases in order to ascertain optimal psychological and
physical conditions for spontaneous precognition, a project
sponsored by a grant from the Parapsychology Foundation.
She also wrote a number of articles.
Nicol died in January 1993.
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