Nicol, J(ohn) Fraser (d. 1989)
Parapsychologist born in Edinburgh, Scotland. He was educated
at Heriot’s School, Edinburgh, and Heriot-Watt College,
Edinburgh University. Quite early in his life he became a research
member of the Society for Psychical Research, London
(1934–51); he also became a member of its council
(1948–1957). Then in 1951 he moved to the United States to
spend a year as a research associate at the Parapsychology
Laboratory, Duke University, where he met his future wife
(known after her marriage as Betty Nicol). They worked together
for many years, funded in part by grants from the Rockefellar
Foundation, the American Society for Psychical Research,
and the Parapsychology Foundation.
Among Nicol’s early research projects carried out with his
future wife—they were married in 1955—was on the personality
components of psyhically aware people. Besides his numerous
articles, many written with his wife, Nicol is also remembered
as a historian of psychical research, about which he
authored several important articles.
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