Nielsen, Einer (d. 1965)
Danish materialization medium whose phenomena were
first publicized by the report on experiments recorded by
Baron Schrenck-Notzing in his book Physikalische Phaenomene
des Mediumismus (1920). In 1922 in Christiania, Oslo, Nielsen
was pronounced a fraud but seemed to have completely reinstated
himself in 1924 in Reykjavik, in sittings for the Psychical
Research Society of Iceland. The report of the novelist Einar
H. Kvaran, endorsed by scientists and other people of high
standing, recorded the materialization of forms, sometimes two
appearing simultaneously near the medium while he himself
was within view. Levitation and other telekinetic phenomena
were also seen in abundance.
After his exposure in 1922, Nielsen refused to sit with researchers.
However, that did not prevent further exposure.
Several years later in Copenhagen, he was accused of fraud by
Johs. Carstensen, the leader of his own circle, and a convinced
Spiritualist. After his exposure in a pamphlet, the medium
went to court but lost his case in April 1932. He continued to
work but was never considered credible again by people outside
of his small circle of influence. He died February 26, 1965.
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