Nielsen, Winnifred Moon (1917– )
Assistant professor of psychology who experimented in the
field of parapsychology. She was born on August 16, 1917, in
Key West, Florida, and later studied at the University of Florida
(B.A., 1958; Ph.D., 1962). Even before completing her first college
degree, she worked for two years as a research fellow at the
Parapsychology Laboratory, Duke University (1954–56). She
later joined the faculty in psychology at Mary Washington College,
University of Virginia. She was a charter associate of the
Parapsychological Association. She investigated relationships
between psi and personality.
Nielsen, Winnifred M. ‘‘An Exploratory Study in Precognition.’’
Journal of Parapsychology (March 1956).
———. ‘‘Mental States Associated with Precognition.’’ Journal
of Parapsychology (June 1956).
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