Ochorowicz, Julien (1850–1917)
Lecturer in psychology at the University of Lemberg, codirector
from 1907 of the Institut Général Psychologique of
Paris, and distinguished psychical researcher. He was born in
Radzyn, Poland, on February 23, 1850, and educated at the
University of Warsaw.
The medium Eusapia Palladino was his guest from November
1893 until January 1894 in Warsaw. Ochorowicz’s conclusions
did not favor the spirit hypothesis and he expressed his
conviction that the phenomena were due to a ‘‘fluidic action’’
and were performed at the expense of the medium’s own powers
and those of the persons present.
The mediumship of Stanislawa Tomczyk was discovered by
Ochorowicz. In his experiments with her, he achieved conspicuous
success in psychic photography, having photographed
what he believed was an etheric hand on the film, rolled together
and enclosed in a bottle. Tomczyk was also successful in raising
and suspending small objects in the air without contact with
her hands. In 1911, Ochorowicz was awarded a prize of 1,000
francs by the Comité d’Etude de Photographie Transcendental
for his experiments. A similar prize was awarded to him by the
Academie des Sciences de Paris.
Ochorowicz was an honorary member of the Society for
Psychical Research, London, the American Society for Psychical
Research, and other societies in Hungary and Germany.
He was author of over one hundred books, papers, and articles
on psychology, philosophy, and psychical research. He
died in Warsaw, Poland, on May 1, 1917.
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