Odyssey, the leading New Age periodical in South Africa, was
founded in 1977 by Jill Iggulden as a networking organ for the
emerging New Age scene in the country. Iggulden continued
as editor until June 1984 when the magazine was turned over
to Rose de la Hunt, then the part-time leader of a small New
Age center in the Cape Town area. In August 1986 the editorial
offices moved into a new building in suburban Wynberg called
The Wellstead. Within a short time, The Wellstead emerged as
the center of the New Age Movement in the Cape region and
offered a full range of programs. It is generally the first stopping
place of spiritual teachers visiting the Cape. At first, the
magazine was published informally with a staff consisting only
of de la Hunt and one other. In addition, for several years the
pair headed the annual ‘‘Health for Africa’’ holistic health conferences,
though these were discontinued in the early 1990s.
Then in 1994, de la Hunt was asked to take over the Cape Town
Mind Body Spirit Festival, the largest New Age gathering in
South Africa. She revamped the festival as the Art of Living Festival,
now presented biannually in Cape Town. Odyssey has
emerged as a 60-page periodical featuring articles of general
interest to the post-New Age community, ranging from channelling
and crystals to the wide variety of holistic health practices.
South African metaphysical groups are regularly highlighted
and their leaders and teachers profiled. In addition, a
running list of up-coming events are included. Odyssey is published
bimonthly. On alternate months, a second periodical,
Link-Up, is issued as a newsletter carrying announcements of
upcoming events and ongoing services offered by various esotericmetaphysical
and holistic health organizations. Link-Up is
issued in six regional editions specific to the different areas of
the country. The Wellstead and the editorial offices of Odyssey
and Link-Up are at 1 Wellington Ave., Wynberg 7800, South Africa.
Its website can be found at httpwww.odyssey.org.za.
de la Hunt, Rose. ‘‘Odyssey Comes of Age.’’ Odyssey 22, no.4
(AugustSeptember 1998) 2