Oki Yoga
The highly individual system of Japanese teacher-healerphilosopher
Masahiro Oki. Oki Yoga is a unique blend of traditional
Indian hatha yoga with Zen meditation, dancing,
physical games, martial arts, and chanting. The training method
emphasizes balance between opposites tension and relaxation,
heat and cold, stillness and movement. Oki’s system of
shusei taiso or corrective exercise through yoga postures
stemmed from his detailed observations of the sleeping postures
of students. He claims that during sleep people take postures
that attempt to correct their physical imbalance.
The headquarters of the Oki system is The International
Oki Yoga Institute in Mishima, Japan; there is another fulltime
center in Shimoda, on the Izu peninsula. There are over
250 centers throughout Japan, and others scattered around the
world in North and South America, Europe, and Australia