Omarr, Sydney (1926– )
U.S. astrologer born on August 5, 1926. He served with the
Air Force in the Pacific during World War II. After predicting
the death of President Roosevelt, the Armed Forces Radio assigned
him to a horoscope show; he thus became the first official
astrologer in U.S. Army history.
After the war, he wrote articles on astrology and appeared
in radio shows. He was also a CBS radio news editor in Los Angeles.
His astrology columns appeared in some 225 newspapers,
and at the height of his success he moved to Hollywood.
His books on astrology include Astrology Its Role in Your Life
(1963); My World of Astrology (1965); Dream-Scope (1973); The
Thought Dial Way to a Healthy & Successful Life (1973); Sydney
Omarr’s Astrological Guide (1974); Sydney Omarr’s Astrological
Guide to Sex and Love (1974)