Omez, Réginald, O.P. (Order of
Dominicans) (1895– )
Dominican priest who studied parapsychological subjects.
He was born October 12, 1895, at Tourcoing (Nord), France.
He studied at Le Saulchoir, Université Francaise des Dominicains
(D. Theol., 1922), and the Dominican University, Rome,
Italy (Ph.D., 1924). Omez joined the faculty of Dominacan University
in 1922 and taught while completing his doctorate. He
remained there until the beginning of World War II. In 1942,
he became the French and international chaplain of Catholic
Writers and Journalists. He was a member of the French Association
for Metapsychical Studies and the Society of Friends of
the Institut Métapsychique International.
Omez authored a number of books and articles on religious
subjects and has also published in the paranormal field. His
books include Le Subconscient (The Subconscious Mind) (5
vols., 1949–1953), Etudes sur le subconscient (Studies of the Subconscious)
(1954), Peut-on communiquer avec les morts (Can We
Communicate with the Dead) (1955), Supranormal ou surnaturel
(Supernormal or Supernatural) (1956), Religione E. Scienze
Metapsichiche (Religion and the Metaphysical Sciences) (1957),
Médecine et Merveilleux (Medicine and the Supernatural) (1956),
Le Gouvernement Divin Coopération des hommes et des esprits (God’s
Rule Cooperation of Men and Spirits) (1959), Le monde des ressuscités
(The World After Resurrection) (1961), Jeunesse eternelle
(Everlasting Youth) (1962), and L’Occultisme devant la science
(Occultism and Science) (1963)

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