Onimancy (or Onycomancy)
An elaborate ritual of divination, possibly based on the observation
of the angel Uriel. Olive oil or walnut oil mixed with
tallow is put on the nails of the right hand or in the palm of a
young boy or girl. To recover money or hidden objects, the face
of the child must be turned toward the east; for inquiry into a
crime or romance toward the south; for robbery toward the
west; and for murder toward the south.
Then the child must repeat the seventy-two verses of the
Psalms, which the Hebrew Kabalists (see Kabala) collected for
the Urim and Thummim. In each verse the venerable name of
four letters and the three lettered name of the seventy-two angels
occurs. Believers claim that at the end of this process would
be the answer.
Other authorities give the name onychomancy to the interpretation
of the spots on the human nails.