Order of Napunsakäs in the West
The Order of Napunsakäs in the West (ON) was founded in
1996 as a special interest group (SIG) associated with the
thelemic magical order the Servants of the Star and the Snake
(SSS). It was inspired by the writings of the late scholar of Hinduism,
Alain Daniélou (author of such books as The Gods of
India Hindu Polytheism; Shiva and Dionysus and While the Gods
Play). The Hindu word ‘‘napunsak䒒 designates some 16 categories
of non-heterosexual, gender variant types mentioned in
the Sanskrit dictionary of V. S. Apete. Members of the order
seek to reestablish the natural, divine order found in pre-Aryan
Shaivism, but with an emphasis on gay, lesbian, bisexual, and
transgendered Tantra. The outer order is open to all napunsakäs
(people who define themselves as other than heterosexual);
affiliates are considered associate members. An inner
order, the Cultus Skanda-Karttikeya (CS-K), is open to gay
males only, and only upon formal, in-person diksha, or initiation.
The focus of the CS-K is on gay Tantra with special emphasis
on the sadhana (or worship or more properly, adoration)
of the Hindu deity Skanda as patron of gays, in His many forms
(Kumara, Marugan, etc.). The current head of the Order of
Napunsakäs in the West and the Cultus Skanda-Karttikeya is
known by his religious name, Sahajananda Skanda-Das. The
order is headquartered at P.O. Box 1219, Corpus Christi, TX
78403-1219. It publishes a periodical, Zibaq. Information on
the order can be found on the Internet through the site of the
Servants of the Star and the Snake at httpwww.wild.ausss