Order of the Cross
The Order of the Cross is a Christian theosophical group
founded in 1904 by former Congregational minister J. Todd
Ferrier (1855–1943). Born and raised in Scotland, Ferrier
began to read theosophical and other esoteric materials that
led him to a very different understanding of the purpose and
mission of Jesus. He resigned from the monastery in 1903 and
the following year began what was to become his life’s work.
The first sign of his new ministry was the initial issue of a new
periodical, The Herald of the Cross, which continues in publication
to the present. He also began work on what were to become
his two most important books, The Master His Life and
Teachings (1913) and The Logia, or Sayings of the Master. He
moved to London, where he established the order’s headquarters.
Important in Ferrier’s development was participation in
the animal rights movement. He became a vegetarian, which
he described as a ‘‘bloodless’’ diet, and campaigned against
vivisection. It led him to adopt what he termed the Christ-life,
a path of self-denial, self-sacrifice, and self-abandonment to the
Divine Will. Ferrier believed that Jesus had come into the world
to prevent its further disintegration. Over the centuries, the
Earth had gradually experienced an increasing disorder in
both nature and society caused by the fading of the divine light
in human beings. Jesus’ work was beginning to show signs of
success in the twentieth century. Ferrier saw the changes occurring
as the century progressed as signs of the increase of light.
Those who actively align themselves with the effort to restore
the light to human life will be endowed with a sense of purpose
and an ability to communicate with the unseen (i.e., psychic
abilities). According to Ferrier, the message of Jesus had been
missed by the mainstream of Christianity. He intended not to
create the vast earthly institution, but to restore spirituality to
individuals. Thus the Order of the Cross has adopted a somewhat
anti-institutional bias and devoted itself to introducing
people to Jesushood, a state of spiritual realization. Jesushood
leads to Christhood, a state of mystical illumination. The order
is focused in a number of small groups, most in the British Isles,
but some in North America and other English-speaking communities
worldwide. International leadership is vested in a selfperpetuating
executive council that seeks assistance from an
advisory committee of representatives of the groups. International
headquarters is located at 10 De Vere Gardens, London
W8 5AE, United Kingdom and American headquarters at P.O.
Box 2477, LaGrange, IL 60525. The order has a website at
GabrielBuistOrdCross.htm. The order has published more
than 50 books and booklets of Ferrier’s writings and transcribed
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