Order of the Star
Revival of the earlier Order of the Star in the East, formed
to promote Jiddu Krishnamurti as the Great World Teacher.
At its peak, the old order had over 45,000 members, but was
suddenly suspended in 1929 after Krishnamurti had publicly
rejected the role of Great World Teacher. He maintained that
people should seek the truth within themselves rather than rely
upon the authority of external teachers.
The present Order of the Star was founded by a group
claiming a Spiritual Hierarchy had decided to reactivate the
order in preparation for the second coming of Christ. The
order worked ‘‘to establish a peripheral group on the outskirts
of the major ashram under the sponsorship of the Master K.
H., to initiate an active unit of service in the world, to raise the
banner laid down temporarily by the old Order of the Star and
to hold it aloft once again and to offer groups and individuals
shelter under it.’’ The order published Star Bulletin and the Embers
from the Fire. Last known address 57 Warescot Road, Brentwood,
Essex, CM15 9HH, England