Organisation pour la Recherche en
The Organisation pour la Recherche en Paychotronique was
founded in 1987 in Toulouse, France, by the leadership of the
Laboratorie Universitaire de Parapsychologie et d’Hygiene
Mental to promote research in parapsychology in France and
other French-speaking countries and throughout Europe. Its
major contribution to the field was the formation of l’Oeil (the
Eye), a library and data bank of parapsychological publications,
through which it attempted to keep people in the field aware
of research that had been conducted in order to avoid needless
repetition of work in what has become a vast field. L’Oeil provided
a mail order service for members who request articles
from the library and data files.
The organization published two periodicals, including a
journal, Revue Francaise de Parapsychologie, and a bulletin. Last
known address co Yves Lignon-OEIL, Laboratorie de Parapsychologie,
UER Mathématiques, Université Toulouse-LeMirail
31058, Toulouse CEDEX, France.

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