Oris (1954– )
Oris is the spiritual name of Tsvelev Sergei Vassillievich, a
psychic channel who emerged in Russia in the 1990s following
the demise of the Soviet Union. Oris was born on January 25,
1954, in Mariinka, a town in the Donetsk. In 1978 he entered
the Crimean Agricultural Institute, but his work in farming
merely concealed his real interests. He became a student of
martial arts and mastered kung-fu, karate, and judo, along with
dim-mak, the art of deferred death. From his accomplishments,
he wrote three books, which he were published in 1992
as A Way of Karate: From the Pupil Up to the Master (in Russian).
More importantly, Oris had become a channel, regularly receiving
messages from a group of entities he came to know as
the Universal Teachers. Many of these teachers come from the
Pleiades and the Sirius star systems. Through the 1980s he
spoke little about his channeling work for fear of being diagnosed
as mentally deranged and placed in an asylum. Only in
the 1990s did he begin sharing the information he had received.
In 1990 he began to channel regularly and received the
material for a book that he called Life After Life, or the Revelation
of Aquarius. In the late 1990s, an English translation of that
book, on the destiny of the human soul, was made available to
a Western audience through the Internet. The book describes
the movement of the soul after death into various spheres of
the fiery world, its meeting with spiritual hierarchies in space,
and its preparation for reincarnation.
While Oris’ understanding of the destiny of the soul contradicts
that of traditional Russian Christianity, he insists that his
message is Christian in its emphasis on the essential truth of
love and its attempt to highlight Jesus’ words that his followers
would surpass his deeds. The channeled messages attempt to
free people from the bondage of dogmatism and conservatism.
It is his belief that the One Truth had been split by various
churches into competing truths. This competition will have disastrous
Oris believes the Earth is about to make a leap into the next
dimension when many will experience ascension (known as the
day of judgment in traditional religion). Those with love in
their hearts and the truth of what is occurring will be able to
overcome space and time and unite with the Higher Cosmic
Consciousness. The continued bickering of religious groups is
counterproductive to that end. While some accept ascension,
others will be killed as ecological disasters and a world war wipe
out a large percentage of humanity.
Oris currently resides in Yalta. His work can be accessed on
the Internet at http:/members.xoom.com_XMCM/orisde/
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