Osty, Eugèn (1874–1938)
French physician and director of the Institut Métapsychique
Internationale. Osty was born May 16, 1874. He was
physician at Jouet sur l’Aubor’s from 1901 through 1924.
In 1910, Osty investigated psychical phenomena and
summed up his research three years later in Lucidity and Intuition.
Osty claimed the acquisition of knowledge through paranormal
means was possible. His subsequent research was published
in Supernormal Faculties in Man. He described the source
of after-death communication as ‘‘crypto-psychism’’ (lingering
after bodily death).
Osty was succeeded by Gustave Geley as the head of the Institut
Métapsychique. Geley considered Osty ‘‘the first living
authority on lucidity as applied to a human being, both under
its practical and its theoretical aspect. His book Supernormal
Faculties in Man (Une Faculté de Connaissance Supra-Normale) is
truly epochal in the study of subjective metapsychics.’’
In 1931 and 1932, with the collaboration of his son, Marcel,
Osty employed infra-red and ultra-violet rays in the study of
physical and physiological phenomena of Rudi Schneider.
The results were published in Les Pouvoirs inconnus de l’esprit sur
la matiere. Osty died August 20, 1938.
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