Our Lady of Endor Coven
Our Lady of Endor Coven was an early semipublic Satanic
group, which grew out of the appearance of ‘‘Satanas, the
Horned God,’’ to Herbert Arthur Sloane of Toledo, Ohio. Sloane
was a child at the time. He later saw the same entity pictured
on the dust jacket of a study of witchcraft, The God of the
Witches. When Sloane was 25 years old, Satanas appeared again.
In structuring Our Lady of Endor Coven, Sloane was heavily
influenced by his reading of The Gnostic Religion, a scholarly
treatise on gnosticism by Hans Jonas. In gnosticism, the creator
God (of the Christians), is considered a lesser deity than another
God. Satan is that God’s messenger. Satan brought knowledge
of God to Eve in the Garden of Eden. That God takes no
direct interest in this world, except for his concern that the
sparks of deity trapped in this world return to their origin. This
return occurs through gnosis, occult wisdom.
Sloane taught that this gnostic form of Satanism was the oldest
religion, dating to the worship of the horned god pictured
in the ancient cave paintings of Europe. As developed by Sloane,
the religion emerged in the context of the neo-pagan revival
of the late 1960s. It differed from Wicca by refusing to
turn the Horned God into a fertility god.
The coven dissolved following Sloane’s death in the early