Oursler, Will (William Charles) (1913–1985)
Author concerned with certain areas of parapsychology. He
was born on July 12, 1913, in Baltimore, Maryland. Oursler attended
Harvard College and received a B.A. (cum laude) in
1937. He then launched a career as an editor and writer. Oursler
was a police reporter, magazine editor, and war correspondent
accredited to the U.S. Army and U.S. Navy in World War
II. As a writer he took a particular interest in inspirational subjects
and often wrote and lectured on religion and narcotics.
He was a member of the Overseas Press Club, Dutch Treat
Club, The Players, P.E.N., Harvard Club of New York, Baker
Street Irregulars. His books include (with the late Fulton Oursler)
Father Flanagan of Boys Town (1949), (with Lawrence Dwight
Smith) Narcotics America’s Peril (1952), The Boy Scout Story
(1955), The Healing Power of Faith (1957), The Road to Faith
(1960), Family Story (1963), The Atheist A Novel (1965), Marijuana
The Facts and the Truth (1968), Religion Out or Way Out
(1968). He has published a number of articles dealing with
human problems and religious faith in such magazines as Collier’s,
Reader’s Digest, True, American Weekly, Photoplay. Oursler
died January 7, 1985, after a long illness.

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