Ousby, W(illiam) J(oseph) (1904– )
British investigator on hypnosis. Ousby performed field
studies of yoga and African witchcraft. He was born in Liverpool,
England, and worked as a journalist then as an industrial
psychological consultant; he also studied hypnosis. Ousby lectured
and taught self-hypnosis in Britain, Australia, and New
Zealand. He spent several years in Africa, where he studied the
methods of witch doctors. In India, he trained in hatha yoga
and investigated fire walking and trance conditions. Ousby
later practiced as a specialist in hypnosis and self-hypnosis in
Ousby, W. J. A Complete Course of Auto-Hypnosis—Self Hypnotism
and Auto-Suggestion. London & Durban, 1950.
———. Methods of Inducing and Using Hypnosis. London,
———. The Theory and Practice of Hypnotism. London, 1967.

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