Owen, Alan Robert George (1919– )
Mathematician and parapsychologist. He was born July 4,
1919 at Bristol, England. During World War II, he studied at
Cambridge University (B.A. 1940, M.A. 1945, Ph.D. 1948).
After graduation he became a research fellow at Trinity College,
Cambridge (1948–52) and met C. D. Broad, who kindled
Owen’s interest in parapsychology. Owen also met and, in
1952, married Iris May Pepper. He joined and became president
of the Cambridge Society for Psychical Research, and was
a council member of the Society for Psychical Research. While
at Cambridge, he conducted research on poltergeist. The published
results, Can We Explain the Poltergeist, received the 1964
award from the Parapsychology Foundation as the best book of
the year. Owen later moved to Canada where he taught genetics
and mathematics at the University of Toronto. He cofounded
with his wife, Iris Owen, the New Horizons Research Foundation
in Toronto and the Toronto Society for Psychical
Research. Before moving to Canada, he had investigated the
British psychic, Matthew Manning. He stayed in contact with
Manning, and in 1974 invited him (then 18 years old) to Toronto,
to be studied at a seminar on psychokinesis. During this
visit, Manning successfully tried the metal-bending phenomenon
popularized by Uri Geller. Electroencephalograph recordings
revealed significant movements toward theta and
delta frequencies prior to Manning bending metal objects.
Owen retired in 1988.
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