Owen, George Vale (1869–1931)
British clergyman and convert of Spiritualism. Owen was
born on June 26, 1869, in Birmingham, England. He was educated
at the Midland Institute and Queen’s College in Birmingham
and ordained in the Church of England. After curacies at
Seaforth, Fairfield and Liverpool, he became vicar of Orford,
New Warrington. Here he created a new church and worked for
twenty years.
After some psychic experiences Owen developed automatic
writing, and received, from high spirits, an account of life after
death and further philosophical teachings. After Lord Northcliffe
published the scripts in his newspaper, the Weekly Dispatch,
Owen was forced out of ministry by the Church authorities.
He resigned his vicarage and went on a lecture tour in
America and in England, eventually settling in a pastorate of
a Spiritualist congregation in London. Through 1920, he authored
a number of books about his new faith, his most notable
being the five-volume Life Beyond the Veil.
He died March 8, 1931. Messages purported to emanate
from the surviving ego of Owen were supposedly published in
A Voice from Heaven by Frederick H. Haines. The clairvoyant
Haines claimed the book contained messages he had ‘‘received
automatically’’ from the deceased Owen.
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