Oxford Golden Dawn Occult Society
The Oxford Golden Dawn Occult Society is a magical order
that, as its name implies, is based in Oxford, England. It takes
its name (without any claim of organizational continuity) from
the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and teaches a form
of magic that it describes as a modern equivalent of the Golden
Dawn system, the pioneering system of modern ceremonial
magic. The society has a more public program aimed at disseminating
authentic information about occultism and magic
that includes lectures, workshops, and conferences, and a discussion
seminar on the last Friday of each month. These are
open to the public and run the gamut from magic to shamanism,
to qabala (or Kabbalah) and Witchcraft.
Members of the society follow different traditions of magical
practice including Neo-PaganWicca traditions. Many find the
society a place to meet others who share their magical interests
but operate different magical systems. Often meetings involve
the working of various rituals on an experimental basis. The society
has served as a catalyst for new groups to form by people
who wish to follow up on a particular ritual or idea.
The society also teaches a system of magic that combines insights
from the Western Hermetic tradition with Eastern Tantric
practice. Training is open to associate members of the society
who can present themselves at one of their centers in
Oxford and London. There is also a correspondence course in
magic. The society considers itself a sister group to
AMOOKOS, which it recommends to members especially interested
in Tantra.
The society meets in various venues for its different activities.
The Oxford group has an Internet page at http
www.cix.co.uk~mandrakeogdos.htm and the London group
maintains a page at httpwww.lawbright.comlogdos. The society
may be contacted through either site. The society is a
small organization of fewer than 100 members in the United
Oxford Golden Dawn Occult Society. httpwww.cix.co.uk
~mandrakeogdos.htm. May 20, 2000.
London Lodge of the Oxford Golden Dawn Occult Society.
httpwww.lawbright.comlogdos. May 20, 2000.

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