Pacific Neuropsychiatric Institute
The Pacific Neuropsychiatric Institute, founded in 1992 in
Seattle, Washington, by South African psychiatrist Vernon M.
Neppe, serves primarily as a center treating patients suffering
from neuropsychiatric disorders, but also as a center for research
on neuropsychiatric-related phenomena, including
paranormal phenomena. Prior to establishing the institute,
Neppe had an outstanding career as a professor of psychiatry
at the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa,
and the University of Washington.
Along with his work on specialized areas from forensic psychiatry
to geriatric psychiatry, Neppe has had a long-term interest
in paranormal phenomena that manifests as early as his
masters thesis in 1979, in which he documented a correlation
between the subjective experience of having a paranormal experience
with the activity of the brain. Over the years he became
convinced that if such experiences are real, then they
should have links to more phenomena documented in psychiatric
At the institute, Neppe has made use of a set of what he considers
more neutral descriptive terms for phenomena such as
ESP, remote viewing, or psychokinesis. The whole area of
anomalous or paranormal phenomena is referred to as ‘‘delta.’’
A clairvoyant event, an experience of reception of a delta experience,
is termed an ‘‘afferent delta,’’ and an event such as psychokinesis,
or mind over matter, is termed an ‘‘efferent delta,’’
an outgoing element of an anomalous experience. The new
language recognizes the problem of researching subjective experiences
of persons, which, while very real to the individual,
is most difficult to understand in objective terms. Neppe has
been especially concerned with correlating anomalous experience
with brain activity. The institute may be contacted on the
Internet at
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