Pansini Brothers (ca. 1904)
Italian mediumistic children, chiefly known for the reports
of their mysterious bodily transportations. In 1901 their father
Signor Mauro Pansini, a building contractor, went to live in an
old house close to the town hall at Ruvo, in Apulia. A few days
later poltergeist phenomena broke out in the house, articles
were thrown about, and crockery was broken.
One evening Alfredo Pansini, then seven years of age, fell
into trance and began to speak and recite in French, Latin, and
Greek. These manifestations continued until he was sent to a
seminary where he was entirely free from them.
When he returned home in 1904 at age ten, a new series of
phenomena commenced in which, besides Alfredo, his eightyear-old
brother Paolo was also involved. In a few minutes they
were, according to reports, bodily transported to places ten to
fifteen miles distant (see also teleportation). This phenomena
created great bewilderment. The parents appealed to the bishop
of Bitonto to deliver the children from the obsession of
which they were supposed to be the victims. While their mother
was talking to the bishop both boys mysteriously disappeared
from the room.
Alfredo Pansini could answer mental questions by automatic
writing. The spirit speaking through him explained that he
achieved the transportation by the dematerialization of their
bodies. No observer could explain the phenomena. Italian scientists
who looked into the matter put forward the theory of
‘‘ambulatory automatism,’’ moving about in a secondary state
and forgetting it when returning to the normal state. This, however,
did not explain how the boys ran nine miles in half an
hour without anybody seeing them on the road.
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