Pansophic Institute
A Tibetan Buddhist educational organization founded in
Reno, Nevada, in 1973 by Simon Grimes and sponsored by the
School of Universal Wisdom. It received its initial corporate
status through the Church of Universal Light. The institute is
intended to serve as ‘‘a voice for the perennial philosophy or
ageless wisdom leading to liberation and enlightenment in the
New Age. It united Eastern and Western forms of gnosis (spiritual
wisdom) and theurgy (techniques of enlightenment) in the
light of modern science.’’ It also provided an educational program
consisting of courses in meditation, esoteric cosmology,
divinations, spiritual healing, superhealth and longevity,
thanatology, and empowerment. It offered courses for ministership
in four types of theurgy and theurgic cosmology, and
in child education, creativity, and world responsibility. The institute
discouraged intellectual learning for one’s own sake in
favor of learning ‘‘that assists one to become enlightened for
the sake of all things.’’
Last known address P.O. Box 2422, Reno, NE 89505.

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