Paterson, T(homas) T(homson) (1909– )
Scottish professor of industrial administration who took a
special interest in parapsychology. He was born on September
29, 1909, at Buckhaven, Fife, Scotland. He studied at the University
of Edinburgh (B.S. chemistry, mathematics, 1930; B.S.
geology, zoology, anatomy, 1932) and Cambridge University
(M.A. anthropology, 1938; Ph.D. anthropology, 1940).
He was a staff member of the Medical Research Council,
Scotland (1948–51), senator lecturer in industrial relations,
Glasgow University (1951–62), and a professor of industrial administration
from 1962 onward at Royal College of Science and
Technology, Glasgow. He authored many papers and books on
anthropology, geology, psychology, administration, and sociology.
In the field of parapsychology he took a special interest in
telepathy and clairvoyance in relation to psychedelics. He was
chairman of the symposium on Methodology of Research at the
Conference on Parapsychology and Psychedelics held in November
1958 in New York

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