The name of a number of esoteric and New Age periodicals.
Among them are Pathways, a British directory which provides
a concise listing of New Age and psi events, organizations, periodicals,
and meetings in England. It is published quarterly at
16 Great Ormond St., London, WC1N 3RB, England.
Pathways Journal is a quarterly publication of ‘‘ideas concerning
personal and social transformation.’’ Each issue includes a
directory of services and events and book reviews. It is issued
by the Yes Educational Society, P.O. Box 5719, Takoma Park,
MD 20912.
A second Pathways Journal is a quarterly publication edited
by B. C. Jaegers, head of the State Licensed Psychic Detective
Bureau, P.O. Box 24571, Creve Coeur, MO 63141.

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