Perovsky-Petrovo-Solovovo, Count
Distinguished Russian-born psychical researcher. He was
born Michael Solovioy, succeeded to the title of Count, and was
generally known as ‘‘Count Solovovo’’ among members of the
Society for Psychical Research, London. He joined the society
in 1890 at a time when it had commenced the collection of
cases for the important Census of Hallucinations (published
in vol. 10 of the society’s Proceedings), and he contributed Russian
cases to this project.
He investigated the Russian medium S. F. Sambor and uncovered
his methods of producing phenomena by fraud, and
in 1910 he cooperated with Everard Feilding and W. Marriott
in sittings with the famous medium Eusapia Palladino in Naples.
He reported on these sittings in Proceedings of the SPR
(vol. 25, pp. 57–69). He took a special interest in the question
of whether competent researchers, qualified to detect fraud,
might still be influenced by illusions induced by séance room
conditions. He also contributed to the SPR Proceedings and
Journal on such topics as extrasensory perception and the medium
D. D. Home. He also reviewed for the Journal those continental
journals devoted to psychical research. He was honorary
secretary for Russia for the society for many years. In view of
his eminent services, the society conferred honorary membership
upon him.
In 1936, he moved to London and in his later years acquired
British citizenship.
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