Perriman, Florence (Mrs. A. E. Perriman)
(d. 1936)
Voice medium tested by Nandor Fodor, who was not favorably
impressed at the time. Perriman’s séance at Victoria Hall,
London, is described in Fodor’s book The Haunted Mind (1959)
and was also reported in the Psychic News of May 4, 1936.
Florence Perriman, also known by her married name, Mrs.
A. E. Perriman, spent many years of her life as a society clairvoyant,
using the professional name Madame Faustina. She was
consulted by famous stars of stage and screen, including Esme
Percy, Ivor Novello, Viola Tree, Isabel Jeans, and Gladys Cooper.
She died in 1936.
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