Perry, Michael C(harles) (1933– )
British clergyman concerned with parapsychology. He was
Born June 5, 1933, at Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leicestershire, England.
He studied at Trinity College, Cambridge University,
England (first class honors in natural sciences and theology).
He obtained his B.A. in 1955, his M.A. in 1959, and was ordained
as a priest of the Church of England in 1959.
In 1963, he was appointed chief assistant for publishing at
the Society for the Promotion of Christian Knowledge, London.
He has written a number of books, edited the series ‘‘Mowbray’s
Library of Theology,’’ and has contributed articles and
reviews to various theological journals. He also served as Secretary
to the Archbishops, Commission on Christian Doctrine
(1967–1971). Perry was made assistant editor of report of the
Lambeth Conference of Anglican Bishops in 1968 and became
senior editor in 1978. He became student associate (1951) and
later a member of the Society for Psychical Research, London,
and also became a member of the Churches’ Fellowship
for Psychical and Spiritual Studies. He was coeditor of the fellowship’s
periodical, Christian Parapsychologist, for a year
(1977–78) prior to becoming editor in 1978. He is particularly
interested in the relationship between parapsychology and
Christianity, about which he has written a number of articles.
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