Philips, James B. (1907–1987)
British businessman who played a prominent part in the
practical affairs of the Society for Psychical Research, London
(SPR). He was born on December 20, 1907. Philips traveled
widely throughout his life, and at different periods he was in
business in New Zealand, Nigeria, and South Africa.
He did not join the SPR until 1970, but soon became a member
to the Council (June 1973) and subsequently accepted the
post of deputy treasurer. His wide experience of practical business
affairs proved of great value to the society. In May 1975,
he became honorary secretary and treasurer. Two years later he
resigned as honorary secretary, but continued as treasurer for
another year. He retired in 1978, when he was elected an honorary
associate. He returned to service on the executive committee
for further short periods as needed. He died in London
on August 7, 1987.