Phillimore, Mercy (d. 1975)
Pioneer British journalist and organizer in the field of Spiritualism
and psychical research. She became a member of the
staff of the London Spiritualist Alliance (since 1955 known as
the College of Psychic Studies) in 1913, and she stayed with
the organization for the next 39 years. She retired in 1952.
As secretary, she came in contact with such leading mediums
as Eileen Garrett, as well as many well-known personalities in
the British psychic scene, such as Arthur E. Waite, W. B. Yeats,
Stanley De Brath, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sir Oliver Lodge,
and Paul Brunton.
In 1928, Phillimore and the medium Clare Cantlon were arrested
for vagrancy by two police officers who had come to the
Alliance headquarters for a reading. Both were found guilty.
Phillimore contributed a number of articles to the British
journal Light and gave many lectures. She was a tireless worker
in the cause of Spiritualism and played a significant but unobtrusive
part in the modern history of the movement. She was
associated with Nandor Fodor in Britain, and after his death
she wrote a tribute to him in the journal Light (Autumn, 1964).
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